Custom build

Custom fitting

Well crafted by hand, attention to detail, beautiful designs in beautiful paintings, all nice but a bike means to be ridden, and ridden like its a piece of yourself.

At King we let you choose the tubing used for your frame as well as the perfect positioning on the bike.

In order to build you the best fitting bike as possible, we have chosen 3 ways of fitting you onto your bike to be build.

1. Measurements used from your current bike.

2. Measurements from

3. In-home measurements.

After the measurements are done, we are going to produce you a CAD drawing with all the little details. After your approval, and recieving of the first payment, we begin building your frame. When ready we will get in touch with you and arrange shipping or you can pick it up. 

Standard sizing

Of course you can also choose a standard, off the rack size with geometry. But these frames are also mostly being produced when ordered.

Check the geometry chards here:


Custom painted

Unique style

Painting is all done by hand, no exceptions! We make a design before building your frame and talk about your wishes on the paintwork. Choose from the designs set up, or we can talk about a real custom paintjob.

Classico style

free choice of colors in 3 stylisch retro design's: Retro 1, Retro 2 and Retro 3.

Strange style

free choice of colors in 2 outragious design's: A-Symetric or TwoFace.

E.F.A. = Expressions of Free Art style

Free interpretation of what I like to do at that particular time. Choosing this paint-option means that you will only give direction and prefferred colors, you have limited say in the the design and layout. This way you give me freedom of creativity and it will create a one of a kind piece of art.